Headquartered in Shanghai, Shanghai Acmec Biochemical Co., Ltd is a comprehensive reagent company with "ACMEC" and "Acmec" as its core brands, and has large logistics warehouses in Shanghai and Hebei. . The brand is committed to the research and development and sales of biochemical reagents and products in the field of life sciences. There are 80,000+ reagents and 40,000+ spot products, which comprehensively cover various reagents required for experiments in the field of biochemistry.

"Let every experimenter enjoy the fun of successful experiments" is our company vision. Therefore, in terms of product quality, we strictly control, starting from the procurement of raw materials, all materials must meet national standards, and according to product characteristics, we have established a strict quality inspection system and scientific quality inspection standards. Stable output of high-quality reagent products; in terms of delivery speed, we have large logistics warehouses in Shanghai, Hebei and other places, with a modern warehousing and logistics system, to maximize the guarantee that reagents can be delivered to customers safely, quickly and in a timely manner; personnel; In terms of configuration, the company is formed by senior people in the industry, and attracts outstanding talents from domestic first-class universities and well-known scientific research institutions. The company's staff training, from the aspects of product quality control, safe production, customer service and other aspects, standardize staff behavior, and strive to show customers a sincere, efficient and responsible corporate image.

We continue to innovate around the needs of our customers and openly cooperate with partners. We are committed to providing scientific researchers with competitive comprehensive solutions and services, continuously improving customer experience, and creating maximum value for customers.

Jizhi is a kind of belief, Jizhi is attentive and extreme, serving scientific research.

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