How to Order

           Welcome to Jizhi Biochemical!
​              Please click "Login" and follow the process prompts!
           The order steps are as follows:

       1. Welcome to the home page of Jizhi Biochemical Website. Please click "Please login" at the top right corner of the page.

         2. Log in to the mailbox according to the prompts on the page.

         3. According to your requirements, please fill in the product name/CAS number/product number you need on the search page.

         4. Enter the product name to enter the product page, select the product you need, select the quantity you need, and then click the shopping cart.
            (If you need to know the product details, please contact customer service)

         5. After selecting the products you need, click "My Shopping Cart" at the top of the page to enter the shopping cart page, select the products you need to buy, check the amount, and click "Settlement"

         6. Enter the order submission interface, check your receipt information, invoice information, delivery method, payment method, and product information in turn, and click Submit Order at the bottom of the page after confirmation.

        7. If the goods you buy are dangerous chemicals, you need to submit the purchase qualification of dangerous chemicals and upload the correct qualification certificate and personal information according to the requirements of the page.

         8. After submitting a valid order, please wait patiently. If you encounter problems, you can call the 400-900-4166 hotline in time. Your satisfaction is our pride. I wish you a happy life!
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