Terms Of Sales

Customers are obliged to abide by the following transaction terms while accepting the order and delivery of goods. Before you place an order from Jizhi or accept Jizhi's delivery, please read the following terms carefully:
1. The price of the ordered product is subject to the price of Jizhi online when you place the order.
2. Please fill in your real name, delivery address and contact information clearly and accurately. Jizhi will not be responsible for order delays or failure to deliver due to the following circumstances:
A) The customer provides incorrect information and an unspecified address;
B) The delivery of the goods is unsigned, resulting in the costs and related consequences of repeated delivery;
C) Force majeure, such as: natural disasters, traffic martial law, sudden wars, etc.
3. Inspection
A) At the time of delivery, the customer should check on the spot whether the overall outer packaging of the product (that is, the large package) is in good condition and firm. When the customer receives the product and finds that it is missing, damaged, polluted, deformed, etc., or has other situations that do not meet the requirements of laws and regulations, it should be raised to Jizhi on the spot. Otherwise, it is deemed that the customer recognizes that the overall outer packaging (that is, the bulky packaging) of the products provided by Jizhi is qualified. Jizhi will not approve the proposal after the customer has received the goods.
B) The customer should check whether the inner packaging is missing, damaged, polluted, abnormal, etc. within three days after receiving the goods. Jizhi will deal with it according to the situation.
4. Security: Whether you order goods by phone or online, we will ensure the security of transaction information
5. Privacy: Jizhi respects your privacy. Under any circumstances, we will not sell or disclose your personal and order information to any third party (except for national judicial authorities). All customer information we obtain from the website or over the phone is only used to process your relevant order.
6. Disclaimer: If due to force majeure or other reasons beyond Jizhi's control, Jizhi's sales system crashes or cannot be used normally, resulting in the inability to complete online transactions or the loss of relevant information and records, Jizhi will assist in handling the aftermath as much as possible. , and strive to protect customers from financial loss.
7. Dispute handling: If there is any dispute between the customer and Jizhi, it can be resolved in accordance with the agreement and relevant laws recognized by both parties at that time.
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